Vehement Serenade

Hardcore / NY / USA
Vehement Serenade "The Things That Tear You Apart" bio Vehement Serenade is the melting point for some of hardcore and metal's premier acts, creating a pedigree that resembles something closer to a super group, than a modern Hardcore/Metal hybrid Featuring heavy weight veterans Karl Buechner of (Earth Crisis/Freya), Mike Couls (Skarhead/ Cro-Mags/Agents of Man), Jamin Hunt (Sworn Enemy/Hatework), Eddie Ortiz (Sub-Zero/Cattle Press/Candiria ) and Pauly Antignani (Sworn Enemy), Vehement Serenade has cultivated a style that embraces each member's experience and history. The band unites their strengths and combines their specialized knowledge into a sound that ignites both passion and fury. Releasing a 2 song 7" in September of 2012 via Fast Break Records, Vehement Serenade hit the road and honed their skills as a live act. The band was featured on last year's East Coast Tsunami Festival and The Rumble in Chicago as well as played shows with Agnostic Front, Terror, Biohazard, Cro-Mags, Bulldoze, Vision of Disorder, Skarhead, Early Graves, Strife, Wisdom In Chains, Warhound, Reign Supreme, Nails, Xibalba, Twitching Tongues and many more. This year they are scheduled to play the long running This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA, Beatdown Fest in Rochester, NY as well as hitting the road with Warhound this spring and hopping the ocean to Japan later this year. Vehement Serenade's debut album, "The Things That Tear You Apart" mixes brutality and musicianship. Combining hardcore metal with the occasion melodic interlude that you just can't help but get sucked into. Like their debut 7", the new CD was produced by Joey Z of Life Of Agony and features guest appearances by Freddy Cricien (Madball), Kev One (Bulldoze), Bobby Hambel (Biohazard) and backing vocals by George (Agents of Man), Lou Koller (Sick Of It All) and Jorge (Merauder). The band will spend the rest of the year in their van touring to support this amazing release.